Tuesday, 5 December 2017

Nines Progress: 279W -> 291W -> 304W -> 313W -> 318W -> 322W

December 5: 322W

Marginal gains... Up four watts from last time, at a considerably higher heart rate. That hurt!

November 28: 318W

Just a five watt increase from last time... And I was hurting all through this session. Much higher heart rate and Strava Suffer Score compared to last time. Ouch! :(

November 15: 313W

The thing is that I wasn't actually going for a record this morning. The plan was to do the intervals at low cadence instead of the normal 90-100rpm. So I started the intervals at about 65rpms and 290W. But then my legs just wanted more so I ended up doing the last five at 320W and about 70rpm.

Heart rate was the lowest I have ever had for the nines and also the recovery time that Garmin gave me after was at 43 hours (compared to 3.5 days the first time I did the intervals)

November 7: 304W

November 2:  291W
October 25:  279W

These intervals are performed in the following way:

1. 9 minute warm-up interval (does not count towards the average wattage)
2. Eight 9 minute intervals (average wattage is over these 8)
3. One minute rest between intervals, sitting still on the bike (not moving your legs)

Saturday, 2 December 2017

4 x 4min Progress: 373 -> 391W -> 404W

December 2:

Another shot at the Fours early this morning resulted in:


Heart rate went through the roof and maxed out at 188. Probably due to the fact that I hadn't done any intensive training since Tuesday (wasn't feeling 100% well)

November 17: 391W.  Max H/R @ 184.

October 31: 373W

Saturday, 25 November 2017

FTP Progress: 312W -> 312W -> 325W -> 329W -> 345W

November 25:

20min @ 365W times 95% means FTP = 345W


November 13:

2 x 8min @ 366W times 90% FTP = 329W

October 19:

20min @ 342W * 95%: FTP = 325W

October 9:

2 x 8min @ 346W * 90%: FTP = 312W

September 27:

2 x 8min @ 346W * 90%: FTP = 312W

Friday, 24 November 2017

New FTP Record: 345W

I did a 20 minute interval session this morning at 365W

0.95 * 365 = 345W FTP

The first half I was at an average of 371 which sunk to 363 towards the end. I managed to sprint it up to 365W in the last 30 seconds.

Heart rate was controlled during the first half of the interval, however during the last 10 minutes it increased to 180. Average H/R: 175.

It was pretty rough... I wasn't able to spin after the session instead I just leaned over the handlebars and breathed...

The last time I attempted a 20 min interval was in October and managed 342W. So a nice increase of 23W since then.

Tuesday, 21 November 2017

Heino Fall Race - Great form!

Bike: BMC Teamelite XX1,  Rocket Ron/Racing Ralph Snakeskin 2.25 F/B 1.4 bar

How's my form after all the hard Monark cycling?

After all the hard indoor Monark work this Autumn I was very curious about how I would perform in a longer race. I adapted this weeks training slightly to perform well in the upcoming Sunday race by only doing two shorter interval sessions and my regular longer 9x9 (Wednesday). All three interval sessions I was able to perform at new record watts. I did a longer low intensity ride the day before the race (2+ hours) but from experience I know that these don't really affect my race-day form.

Heino Fall Race

The Race is a longish and quick mountain bike race with few technical difficulties and quite a lot of gravel road. The single track is quick and flowing. Two laps and 45 km in total. Few climbs but the ones that do exist are quite steep. There are no age categories in this race and as many of the best Danish riders turn up the opposition is tough. Danish pro Benjamin Justesen usually races and he was here this year too.

I've ridden this race many times over the years:

2016: 12th
2015: Aborted due to snow chaos
2014: 13th
2013: 24th

This makes the race a good benchmark

So how did the race go?

Going up the initial hill I was slow and just managed to hang on the the tail end of the lead group of some 20-30 riders. However as soon as we reached level gravel road I went into turbo mode, overtook everyone, and led the whole pack up the second hill. Three guys outsprinted me to the top and went away from the rest of us. I formed a second group with four other guys: Palle Jensen, Jacob Nielsen, Victor Philipsen, Anders Edvard Johanssen. Up ahead were were three guys, among them Benjamin Justesen (pro) leading the race.

It's been a long time since I was able to hang onto Palle in a race so I was really happy to be able to tag along. Towards the end of the first lap, in a slippery downhill, Palle got a bit of a gap and and Victor joined them. The rest of us chased after them and almost caught them a couple of times but when we lapped to go out for the second lap they were about half a minute ahead of us.

Pace was still high as the three of us (me, Jacob and Anders) went out for the second lap. Jacob and Anders pulled hard when they were out front and I had few opportunities to help. I noticed that Anders didn't have the best grip in his rear tire because it kept slipping in the muddy uphills. At one of these uphills, halfway through the second lap, Anders slipped again and had to get off his bike and as I was on his wheel I had to get off as well. Jacob took the opportunity to sprint ahead but I thought we would easily catch him.

Anders did chase hard with me on his wheel. I thought it was only fair as it was his 'fault' that Jacob had got the lap. However after a while it seemed that Anders was getting more tired so I went ahead. I noticed that we weren't going to catch Jacob so I started thinking about how I was going to get rid of Anders. On the first lap I noticed that there was a slippery muddy climb just 3 km from the finish and I planned to make my move there. As we got to this slippery part I went all-in and pushed hard. After the climb there was a slippery and bumpy downhill and I kept going hard there without looking back. When I got down to the next gravel road I looked behind but I could see no sign of Anders. I kept pushing hard the last few kilometers to the finish.

Seventh place... very nice. My best result ever at Heino.

Power data

The power data from this race was really low and I think it may be because of a calibration of the power meter that I did the day before the race. I have to re-callibrate it to make sure it's correct. Left-right power however is valid:

Monday, 13 November 2017

Benchmark 2x8 minutes @ 366W (up from 346W last time)

I have the two eights another shot this morning. Last time (a couple of weeks back) I managed 346W.

This time:

368 and 363 Watts so an average of 366W

Calculating the FPT (90% of 2x8) gives me 329W

Garmin is a bit overoptimistic and gives me an FTP of 336W

Oh, I took a loooong break of 6 minutes between the intervals this time. H/R was really high with a maximum of 182.

Sunday, 12 November 2017

Make your own energy gels in 5 minutes

The recipe is really simple, it has two ingredients, and takes 5 minutes:

  • 1 part fructose
  • 2 parts maltodextrin
  • Some water (the amount is up to you depending on how thick you want the gel)

In this example I used:

  • 200 grams fructose
  • 400 grams maltodextrin
  • 400 ml water

The process

  1. Heat the water to just below boiling
  2. Stir in all the sugar
  3. Mix
  4. Pour into bottles
  5. If you want: add flavoring
  6. Also optional: add other stuff like caffeine

While riding I carry it in the small plastic bottle that you can see in the photo

Maltodextrin and Fructose

2 parts Maltodextrin, 1 part Fructose, some water

Stir all the sugar into the warm water

Add flavoring... if you like

Store the energy gel in bottles

Pour the gel into one of these bottles for taking along a ride