Wednesday, 25 March 2020

The Corona Situation

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The world has turned upside down!

Yeah, weird stuff going on. I was in Spain racing the Andalucia Bike Race just a few weeks back and everything was normal. After that race I managed to squeeze in a Danish race the weekend after. But now all races are cancelled. The Swedish Cycling Federation is not allowing any national races in March and April (to start of with). Denmark has closed its border, along with many other countries. And no one knows when we can get started again.

It's weird because what am I training for now? Mostly it's not a problem though because I love training. Right now, as it's light enough in the morning, I'm getting out early, sometimes with a friend or two, and we're doing intervals in the forest, trying to capture Strava KOMs.

It's more difficult to motivate myself to hold back on eating though. And I have been enjoying food a bit too much since this whole catastrophe began. I haven't stepped on a pair of scales since I got back from Spain so I have no idea how much I weigh. I guess I'll have to deal with that when I know what races I should aim for.

What am I most worried about as far as races go? Well, it's Beskidy Trophy, in Poland, in June, and then Trans Alp, in Austria, in July. Will these races happen? I have no idea!

But, anyway, right now I'm enjoying the super weather we've been having here in Sweden lately. The sun comes up before 6 am. It's still cold in the morning, sometimes below zero. But the tracks have all dried up and are super fast!

Be safe out there!