Thursday, 21 December 2017

4 x 4min Progress: 373 -> 391W -> 404W -> 407W

December 21: 407W (30 Strava Suffer Score, Max H/R @ 186)

December 2: 404W (32 Strava Suffer Score, Max H/R @ 188)

Another shot at the Fours early this morning

Heart rate went through the roof and maxed out at 188. Probably due to the fact that I hadn't done any intensive training since Tuesday (wasn't feeling 100% well)

November 17: 391W (29 Strava Suffer Score, Max H/R @ 184)

October 31: 373W (33 Strava Suffer Score)

Tuesday, 5 December 2017

Nines Progress: 279W -> 291W -> 304W -> 313W -> 318W -> 322W

December 5: 322W (112 Strava Suffer Score)

Marginal gains... Up four watts from last time, at a considerably higher heart rate. That hurt!

November 28: 318W (103 Strava Suffer Score)

Just a five watt increase from last time... And I was hurting all through this session. Much higher heart rate and Strava Suffer Score compared to last time. Ouch! :(

November 15: 313W (77 Strava Suffer Score)

The thing is that I wasn't actually going for a record this morning. The plan was to do the intervals at low cadence instead of the normal 90-100rpm. So I started the intervals at about 65rpms and 290W. But then my legs just wanted more so I ended up doing the last five at 320W and about 70rpm.

Heart rate was the lowest I have ever had for the nines and also the recovery time that Garmin gave me after was at 43 hours (compared to 3.5 days the first time I did the intervals)

November 7: 304W (97 Strava Suffer Score)

November 2:  291W (114 Strava Suffer Score)

October 25:  279W (109 Strava Suffer Score)

These intervals are performed in the following way:

1. 9 minute warm-up interval (does not count towards the average wattage)
2. Eight 9 minute intervals (average wattage is over these 8)
3. One minute rest between intervals, sitting still on the bike (not moving your legs)