Sunday, 9 November 2014

Slushcup 2014/2015 Race #1

Result: Third Place
Bike: Stumpy S-Works (my training bike)

First race in the Cup: XCE - Elimiator! Fast and furious!

Slushcup #1

Race story:
It went down like this: First qualifications, then quarter finals, semi finals and finals. 10 riders per heat and the four best finishers go on the the next heat. I'm not good at these XCE races. There's too much shoving and pushing from the start. I still made it into the semis. However I had a really bad start and found myself in fifth place as the heat was nearing its end. Then, coming around a corner, I Noticed that three guys in front of me had collided on a short and steep uphill and were all lying down. I quickly went around them and up to second place which I managed to hold to the finish. The finals went okay, started badly again, but managed to work my way up from fifth to third place.

It's good to race hard but it's better to be lucky

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