Sunday, 25 January 2015


First race of the season: Isstjerneløbet 

Result: Fourth place
Bike: Trek Superfly 9.9 SL, RocketRon/RacingRalph LiteSkin 2.25 - 1.5bar

Results: Isstjerneløbet

Race story:
Massive amounts of snow made the race really technical. This was the first race on the Trek Superfly 9.9 I was in 12-15th place after the messy start. I started chasing down the guys in front of me as soon as the terrain got a little easier. Overtook some guys and managed to race down the leading group of 6 riders after the first lap (of two). Soon after lapping there were just three of us in the lead group. Unfortunately I lost the other two guys in a technical section... 1km from the finish, while lapping a backmarker, I manage to fall. I get back on the bike quickly and race on but I get passed about 50m from the finish line when one of the guys that I hadn't noticed comes from behind at full speed. So I missed third place by a few seconds


I'm happy with the performance under difficult technical circumstances (all the snow)
I was able to contain my enthusiasm and paced myself when chasing down the lead group. This is good.

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