Thursday, 1 January 2015

Best results of 2014

Lidingöloppet MTB

Result: 11th place overall, 2nd in M40.
Description: This is a quick paced race with a big part of the best Swedish racers taking part. The race follows some quick jogging paths for the most part. But it also has some really steep climbs. A good challenge over some rock faces as well.
Link to results: Lidingöloppet MTB 2014

Alpe-Adria MTB Giro

Result: 11th place overall, 2nd place in M40
Description: This is a hard race covering three counties: Austria, Italy and Slovenia. The race starts of with one hour of climbing across a pass on the border between Austria and Italy. A hard way to start a race. After some riding in Italy it crosses into Slovenia and then back to Austria for the finish.
Link to results: MTB Giro 2014

Slushcup 2013/2014

Result: Third place overall
Description: This popular Danish winter MTB Cup consists of 7 races. Each race is either of a technical nature or a quick gravel road race. The first race is an eliminator race (XCE), then there are 5 races between 1 and 1.5 hours, and then the last race is a marathon race.
Link to results: Slushcup 2013/2014
Description: This nature of 2014 year's XCO champtionship was very technical. Far beyond my level of expertise unfortunately. There were two places that had both an A-line and a B-line and I ended up taking the B-line in both places. I found it hard to get a good rhythm going on the messy course. Not my favorite. I will improve my technical level for next year's XCO championship.
Link to results: XCO SM 2014

Swedish Championships, XCM

Result: 7th
Description: This was more my kind of race than the XCO race that I describe above. Two laps of a quick course with some nice climbs. I held it together nicely for the first lap. I was in the top-3 until just before going out on the second lap when I lost my group. I ended up struggling a bit during the second lap. I'm still happy with the results however.
Link to results: XCM SM 2014
Result: 8th
Description: The Swedish Marathon MTB Cup. This cup still eludes me. This year ended with a fourth and a fifth place as best results. I'm not pleased with this.
Link to results: Långloppscupen 2014

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