Sunday, 22 December 2019

First place in Last Race of the Year - Chiang Mai MTB Epic 2019

Today was the Chiang Mai MTB Epic. A three stage race, all in one day.

Stage 1: Flat on roads
Stage 2: In the jungle
Stage 3: Hill climb

The setup was that you had to race in teams of two so I teamed up with Johnny Hård, a Swedish ex-pat. All the teams started time-trial style with 20 second intervals

Stage 1, being mostly on roads, is where we won the race. There's this Strava section on flat asphalt that I'm particularly happy with:

We ended up winning the race. Good stuff!

Here are the results. We are team B-02 (we actually were the fastest team, all categories)

Here's a video that Johnny shot of stage 1 (that's my ass you see)

Start of the race was early in the morning: 07:00 AM

Start/finish area of all the three stages

The race had the max number of allowed teams entered

Stage 2: Te

Last climb of stage 3

At the top of stage 3

At the end of stage 3

From left to right: Johnny, Miko, Jonathan and I

My Trek Top Fuel 9.9 performed excellently, as always

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