Sunday, 1 December 2019

Mountain Biking in Slovenia's Coastal Area

Mountain Biking around Korte and Izola / Slovenia

December is here! Let's look back on this summer's mountain biking adventure in Slovenia

In June, after Beskidy Trophy, we headed south for a vacation in Slovenia.

This year, instead of the Alps, we chose the coastal region close to Izola.

 Map of area around Korte / Slovenia

I got the idea after watching some videos of the downhill track in the area:

Kmetija Medijan

We decided on booking an apartment in Tourist Farm Medijan (or in Slovenian: Kmetija Medijan)

A traditional meat burek

Mountain biking around Korte / Izola / Portoroz

Korte MTB rack

The village of Korte

Izola Coastal Area

Three Countries Bike Ride

I went for an adventure ride that included three countries in one day: Slovenia, Croatia and Italy

Slovenian Croatian border
Slovenian Croatian border

Just across the Croatian border looking back into Slovenia

Nice Benzes in Croatia

Lucia / Slovenia

Italian Border

Italian Border

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