Wednesday, 20 May 2015

DustCup Race #3 - Puncture

Result: Aborted

Bike: Trek Superfly 9.9 SL, RocketRon/RacingRalph LiteSkin 2.25 - 1.4bar

So... Dustcup #3... Fun and quick track. A tad mit muddy in places. Outcome not so satisfactory however.

DustCup #3

Race story:
I got off to a bad start as, after just a few meters, a guy in front of me had mechanical issues and I had to brake to get around him. Lost contact with the front group and started chasing. I had just chased a few riders down and was starting to gain ground when, towards the end of the first lap, I heard a sound like "psssshhhhh" from my rear tire. After a very short time it became completely deflated. I inflated it with some CO2 but it only took a few seconds to empty again. I completed the lap and then had a look at the tire: A BIG hole in the center of the track which the Stans fluid had no chance of sealing.
I had been running the tire for about four months so It was time to replace it. Still, the track looked good and not too worn.

New tires... SnakeSkin...

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