Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Beskidy Trophy starts in two days!

The Race

The first high point of this year is approaching quickly

Beskidy Trophy is a four day mountain bike strage race in the Polish Beskidy mountains.

Each stage is between 70km and 80km  long and has between 2500m and 3000m of climbing.

First stage profile


Results will be available here as each stage finishes

The Bike

I will be riding my BMC Fourstroke FS01 XX1

Why the full suspension then and not the Teamelite hard(soft)tail? I give up one kilo of weight to get the rear suspension. I think it's a good trade. I save my legs over the long stages and the absolutely insane downhill sections are a bit safer on a full suspension bike.


SRAM XX1 as always and I will be riding a 32T fron chainring. Lots of climbing so low gears are needed. I may decide to switch to a 30T even. We'll see.


Instead of my ususal race wheels, the NoTubes Valor, I will be riding a set of Bontrager XXX. The Bontragers are 120 grams heavier, however they are aluminium and therefore a little more compliant than the stiff carbon fiber Valors. That will help in the super fast and bumpy downhill sections. I haven't decided 100% yet though. I may end up riding the Valors after all


Schwalbe Rocket Ron Snakeskin 2.1. Tubeless. The Rocket Rons have good puncture protection in the SnakeSkin variant. They're also relatively light (the set I put on weigh 530grams and 550grams). Yes, I would run 2.25 if I thought I could spare the extra weight and rolling resistance. However, with all the uphil riding I go for the narrower 2.1 version of the tire.


Body Weight

My weight has been steadily going down since December of last year:

17th of May:

20th of May:
22nd of May:

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