Sunday, 17 January 2016

Slushcup #4, snow snow snow

Result: 7th place

Bike: Trek Superfly 9.9 SL, Vittoria Barzo / Peyote 1.1 bar

This race was going to be cold and slippery. The temperature was 10 degrees celsius below freezing and the woods were covered in snow. One lap was 7km and the total time was 55 minutes + lap. So three laps were predicted.

Result: Slushcup #4

I test rode the 7km track before the start of the race and noticed some technical difficulties: part of the lap was on a downhill type section with berms and bumps. This was going to be interesting in the slippery conditions. To handle the slippery conditions I was running the lowest tire pressure that I had ever run in a race: 1.1 bar.

The start loop was on a quite short section of snow covered gravel road; Three left turns and then up a steep single track climb with traction problems. I wanted to be a bit careful during the start as the conditions could lead to some nasty crashes so I stayed back a bit more than I would normally. I entered the steep climb at perhaps 15th-20th place overall.

During the first lap I was overtaking some riders until I got into a three rider group. Traction on the slippery surfaces was okay but I didn't push my luck my really leaning into the turns.

On the second lap I noticed that some sections were getting more and more slippery due to the riders 'polishing' the surface with their tires. I saw one fall.

As the third lap started I noticed that I was getting more and more tired. I let a few guys past and finished the race in 7th place in my category.

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