Sunday, 18 September 2016

Dustcup #6: Ooops, I missed the start of the race

This was the sixth and last race of Dustcup. I hadn't taken part in the whole cup but as I had nothing planned for this Sunday and the last race was a marathon I thought it would be fun to ride it. Obviously having raced XCup the previous day the situation was not optimal. But as it wasn't an important race I thought I would just go over to Denmark and have som fun. The weather forecast was excellent!

Marathon means 2.5hours + the lap. Usually these marathon races are not that technical with lots of gravel road. However, this course turned out to be nothing like that...

I got to the race in good time and rolled out on the course with about 40 minutes to go before the start. I thought I'd just do a quick warm-up at first but then I started noticing that the course was rather technical and bit by bit I decided to do an entire lap. The lap was 6km and I thought that I'd have no problems completing an entire test lap before the start of the race. What I had no idea about was that the track was 99.9% singletrack and just 100m of gravel road and so the lap took a long time to get through. When I realized that I was running short on time I got very stressed and started riding faster and faster to get to the start on time. I got to the starting area just after the riders had been let go and had to join at the back of the field.

I still managed to grab 11th place in M40. The track was super fun and technical. Best track of this year perhaps. However the race the day before had left some traces and the legs were not quite up to the task. I took it quite easy and managed to have some fun anyway

Photo: SonnMedia // Gorm J. Siiger


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