Friday, 11 May 2018

Duke Lucky Jack 1290 gram 29" wheel set!

My new race bike for this year; Trek Top Fuel 9.9 RSL, has some nice wheels: DT Swiss XMC1200 Carbon

They look very nice and they are "new style" wide, with all the advantages that gives you. I raced them in Andalucia Bike Race and they performed excellently. But, for a cross-country wheel set, they are a tad bit heavy. When I weighed them with rim tape and tubeless valves, they came in at 1520 gram.

I ordered a new set of wheels through United Cycling as soon as soon as the Trek was in my possession. I wanted something really light and wide.

The new wheels have the Duke Lucky Jack rim and DT Swiss DT240S hubs (Boost).

I was pleasantly surprised at the weight: 1292 gram with rimtape and tubeless valves:

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