Saturday, 6 May 2017

H12 - 12 hour team race

Bike: BMC Teamelite 01 XX1 Rocket Ron 2.1 Snakeskin / Rocket Ron 2.1 Snakeskin 1.50 / 1.50 bar. Bontrager XXX wheels.

The H12 team race is a given part of my season. The rules are that each rider of the team rides one or more laps of the course before switching over to the next rider. A lap took approximately 30 minutes to complete. We decided to ride one lap at a time, before switching over to the next rider.

This year the team was the same as last year: Anton Johanesson, Phille Nilsson and Jonas Nilsson. I love racing with these guys as they are such a happy and positive bunch.

I took the first lap which includes a start loop on gravel roads. Unfortunately I got a bad position on the starting grid with A LOT of riders ahead of me. So as the race started I began to move up through the crowd of riders. But then, after just a couple of kilometers, the rider in front of me suddenly braked and I ran into his rear wheel and had a minor crash. I was up on my bike again quickly but I had lost a bunch of places and had to work at catching up again.

After the start lap I switched over to Anton, who then switched over to Jonas and then Phille last. I then sat down and took it easy while waiting for my second stint in 1.5 hours. The weather was lovely and I just relaxed in the warm sun.

We were doing quite well and our position varied around 16th - 19th out of 160 teams. Not as good as last year when we finished in the top-10.

With these kind of super intensive half-hour stints it's interesting to look at how my performance varied during the race:

Lap:  Avg H/R:  Max H/R:   Time:
1     171       184        30:25
2     178       186        30:14
3     174       184        30:29
4     170       179        30:43
5     161       172        31:45
6     156       171        31:52

Analyzing the data seems to show that I was able to keep up the pace for the first four laps, while getting tired in the last two.

The race was a lot of fun and I'll do it again next  year... However, I was thinking... Perhaps solo next year? We'll see.

I have videos from a few of the laps that I'm going to upload to Youtube... Coming up!


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